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Known for a progressively rhythmic style as rooted in James Brown funk as in more traditional blues, Swifty incorporates elements of pop, metal, rhythm and blues. Formed in early 1999, Swifty is a force to be reckoned with on the dancefloor, often referred to as “The Swiftest In The Business.” Currentltouring North America and Canada, be sure to catch Swifty Soundsystem when they pass through your local music venue.

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“You have to put yourself back into that time,” Travis Tyler says about those early days when he and fellow DJs Mick Mitchell and Steve Jones roomed together and were hustling gigs wherever they could find one.

“Dance music wasn’t talked about on any kind of intellectual level. There was no such term as ‘popular culture.’ None of those things existed here. But suddenly it was bigger than it had ever been before.”


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